Stump Grinding

 Stump Grinding


Have you already lost a tree and all that remains in its place is the stump? Do you want that ugly stump removed?

Like many others, you’d probably want to remove the remains of a tree after chopping it down.

Dead tree stumps can attract all types of parasites and fungus and gives threat to your lawn and property, as well as being an eyesore. Delaying stump removal can increase problems.

A stump may be removed in many different ways. The most efficient and fastest way to remove is by grinding.

We are one of the trusted sources for fast, safe and complete stump removal and Lethbridge stump grinding services.

We offer top quality stump removal service with very competitive pricing. We have a great reputation amongst our clients.  They know  that we do what we say we will do!

In addition to offering tree stump grinding and removal, we also offer removal of unwanted shrubs, along with acleanup process. We are equipped to remove small and large trees. We can haul off the wood chips created from grinding of the stumps.

We will also provide soil remediation – so that it looks as a plain land and there is no tree – or if you want we can leave the area as it is so that you can plant a new tree in the hole that is left.

Stump Grinding Equipment

Tree stump grinding is a highly specialized job that requires the correct equipment and expertise. Our professional, experienced staff is expert in stump grinding and we equip them with only the best machinery and safety equipment.

Stump grinding is an effective and environmentally friendly method of tree stump removal. We have equipment from self-propelled grinders to big commercial grinding machines.

In some cases, stump grinding may not be the primary choice because of the location of stump. In this case, we use non-toxic and environmentally friendly method in the degradation of the stump.

We will also plant a new tree in place of removed stump.

We provide services to homeowners and businesses in the community. We have the experience to get your stump removed right whether the stump is big or small.

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